Models and Standards

It is not necessary to be enrolled to have the articles submitted 

After an avaluation (notification to authors: july 30th, 2017) it will be necessary to accomplish the inscription with payment of each author otherwise the article will be rejected.

I – How to proceed and  have the Works submitted

  1. Work’s submission will be done, exclusively by eletronic route (way) (Easychair).Texts should be in word format until  the established date.
  2. Oral communincations: Work’s presentations format, scientific articles,searching results in developing or completed;
  3. Every author MUST be inscripited on eighth international education symposium: Education, information and communication according to classification in order to present and publish in the annals work;
  4. Each event’s inscription allow two work’s one as an author or co-author;
  5. For more Works to be submitted , is demanded an extra payment of  registration fee  ;
  6. It will be allowed For each work, three people at the most, one like author and two co-authors.
  7. It will be published: Texts were introduced at the symposium (in person), by eletronic way and that is inscripted every author at event;
  8. Authors are fully responsible for the showed content in these articles. The same ones should accomplish a spell checking and to deal with the production’s reponsabilities;
  9. Articles which are according to proposed axes will be accepted.
  10. The texts will be evaluated by a scientific commission that will analyze metodology and relevance about the theme;
  11. according to the established criteria and committee evaluation, it will be defined the work’s participation or not at the event. Authors will be informed through an e-mail by commission decision with ” accepted ” or ” not accepted”
  12. Responsible authors for the accepted articles (at event) will receive a certificate correspondig to the entitled theme in the same.

II – standards for preparing  and having the article submmited 

  • Work should be in article format, twelve pages at least and fifteen ones at the most , including abstract, bibliography and typed in A4 format;
  • Always use a microsoft word program, 97-2003 version and 6.0/95 (doc.), kind of letter: Times new roman, 12 size;
  • Text must be sent in doc. or docx. format according to example below; it won’t be accpeted in another way ( format );
  • Accepted languages: portuguese, english and Spanish. Researchers who live in abroad will be able to send the works written in portuguese, english or spanish.

III – Example for article preparation

 Look at the article’s example to be submitted.Stay tuned about  the formatting and  ABNT standards adopted by symposium.

 Article’s example to be submitted

 IV – Submission via Easychair system

To submit the article access: Article’s submission for eighth simeduc