Tiradentes University (UNIT – Sergipe/Brazil), through the Division of Research and Extension (DPE) and of the Research Group on Communication, Education and Society (GECES/UNIT/CNPq), with the support of the program of graduate studies and research in education-PPED/UNIT – (offering master’s and doctoral degrees in education, having as one of its lines of research on education and communication), will host the 7th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION, from September 14th to 16th of 2016, which theme is: Creativity, innovation and ICT in education.

The education and communications Symposium aims to bring together researchers, teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students from Brazil and other countries, interested in the studies and discussions on the relationship between education and communication and the consequences on the process of learning within the school space.

The 7th SIMEDUC aims to continue and strengthen the discussions initiated in 2010 when the first event where the theme was focused on distance education and intelligence technologies, from social networks, Infoinclusion, teacher training and ICT in education were some of the topics discussed.

The 7th edition has a challenge to establish a dialogue between Creativity, innovation and ICT in the educational process, in this connection the aim is to bring to the debate the following axes of discussion: education and communications; Distance education; Public policies for ICT; Communication and health education; Evaluation of the use of ICT in education; Creativity and innovation in teaching practices with ICT use. In this perspective the main objective is to bring together a network of researchers and the public mood reportedly intended to discuss and explore education and communication in learning environments.

Themes: Creativity, Innovation and ICT in Education