Prices and Registration


Type of participation
Step 1
until 10 jul 16
Step 2
10 jul to 14 aug 17
Step 3
14 aug to 18 out 17
Student Graduation
R$ 50.00
R$ 70.00
R$ 90.00
Student Graduate
R$ 80.00
R$ 100.00
R $ 120.00
Teacher Public network
R$ 100.00
R$ 120.00
R $ 140.00
Teacher top level
R$ 150.00
R$ 170.00
R$ 190.00
Others Professionals
R$ 150,00
R$ 170,00
R$ 190,00
Additional fees
Submission extra
R $ 100.00


The registration gives the right to submit two (2) works either as author or co-author.

Event certification 20 hours.


Foreign subscription

Registration for residents outside Brazil will be via this form. After you complete the form you will receive (within 5 days) via PAYPAL payment request.

The values are ordered in Reais and will be converted into dollars by PAYPAL.
Note: If within 5 days you do not receive the payment request please contact us by email:

Please sign up soon to ship by PAYPAL a payment request for your email.
The request for payment of the amount will be in real and automatically converted into US dollars by PAYPAL.

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